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  • Fluent in C, C++ and various assembly languages
  • Background includes all major embedded processor families
  • Firmware and hardware design capabilities
  • Documented experience with GNU tools
  • Prominent speaker on subjects related to embedded systems
  • Internet, USB, CAN and other relevant technologies
  • Linux, NetBSD, RTEMS, eCos, and uC/OS operating systems


Georgia Institute of Technology, Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering, 1991

Computer engineering, electronic control systems theory.

Recent Projects

DIRECTV, Inc.; El Segundo, CA USA

Expert analysis and testimony regarding the primary design intent of electronic devices alleged to be useful for satellite television piracy.

  • Analysis and reverse engineering of electronic devices
  • Determination of design intent
  • Litigation support, trial and deposition testimony

Embedded GNU Jumpstarttm, Embedded Linux Jumpstarttm

Developed the authoritative training series for embedded GNU and Linux. Currently delivered worldwide in both private and public settings. See my website at for more information.

Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.; North Kingstown, RI USA

Linux support packages for Cogent Computer Corporation’s CSB family of single board computers. Distributed by Microcross, Inc. as part of their GX-Linuxtm product.

  • MIPS, ARM, X-Scale and PowerPC architectures
  • Extensive Linux bootloader and kernel modifications
  • Complete root filesystems based on glibc, uClibc and BusyBox

Precision Instrument Corporation, Trenton, NJ USA

Embedded application code for a real-time automotive oil quality sensor.

  • Complete application delivery, from design concept to working code
  • Integration with CAN SAE J1939, SAE J1587 and other automotive datalinks

Etchstone, Inc., Boca Raton, FL USA

Design of a PDA targeting medical applications.

  • Port of Linux kernel to a custom, SA1100-based PDA
  • Framebuffer, touch screen device drivers
  • Runtime environment, including GUI libraries

GE-Interlogix (formerly CASI-RUSCO); Boca Raton, FL USA

Assisted with porting uCLinux to client’s custom hardware.

  • Extends life of legacy product line
  • NetARM/40-based design running in big endian mode
  • Corrected several kernel bugs related to endian mode change
  • Assisted with root filesystem setup

GE Transportation Systems, Inc.; Erie, PA USA

Implemented C++ integration layer for CPU32-based system, to tie interrupt and peripheral management to a Simulink-based programming environment.

  • Diab and GNU toolchains
  • Wrote majority of interrupt handlers and device drivers in C++
  • Worked in conjunction with New Eagle Software (now MotoTron, Inc.).

EDI Enterprises, Incorporated; Minnetonka, MN USA

Ported gdbstubs to client’s proprietary MC68360 system.

CMI Incorporated; Owensboro, KY USA

Implemented filesystem and downloadable firmware capabilities.

  • Custom-written ZMODEM protocol driver and Blowfish encryption engine
  • Application software was entirely C++

Red Hat, Inc.; Durham, NC USA

Wrote and taught their Red Hat Embedded Systems Engineering training course.

  • Advanced training course covering GNU, Linux, eCos and related subjects
  • This is Red Hat’s most popular advanced embedded engineering course

Tether Applications, Inc.; San Diego, CA USA

Member of a project team to produce a power supply for the Mir Space Station.

  • Wrote custom RTOS and support code for the power supply controller
  • Extensively characterized the GNU Compiler Collection’s FPU code
  • Implemented high-speed, high-performance flash filesystem

Tether Applications, Inc.; San Diego, CA USA

Hitachi-Sh3 application code to control proprietary image grabber chip.

  • Implemented DMA transfer algorithms
  • Debugged hardware, verified chip performance
  • Integrated with their uC/OS-based embedded application

Komatsu Mining Systems, Inc.; Peoria, IL USA

Embedded software architecture for vehicle communications and monitoring subsystem.

  • Pseudo-realtime database, to minimize realtime processing requirements
  • Advanced CAN/SAEJ1939 drivers for vehicle subsystem communications
  • Dynamically-reconfigurable fault analysis module

Cummins Engine Company, Inc.; Columbus, IN USA

Developed firmware for the trucking industry’s most popular trip computer.

  • Coordinated field testing effort for entire 1998 electronic and information product portfolio
  • Co-developed trucking industry’s first all-software vehicle anti-theft system
  • Satellite and short-range RF communications

Cummins Engine Company, Inc.; Columbus, IN USA

Implemented multiprocessor air compressor management system.

  • Realtime multiprocessor control, and true distributed control
  • Project was client’s first design featuring an RTOS or graphical user interface.

CMI Incorporated; Owensboro, KY USA

Firmware for industry-leading line of evidential breath alcohol analyzers.

  • Industry’s first multiprocessor instrument design
  • (This design is now among the world’s best-selling devices of its type)

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