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I am a freelance embedded systems consultant. I specialize in development and training services related to Linux, the GNU toolchain, and other Free and Open Source software and hardware products. I also have a strong background and interest in other types of embedded systems, including those based on RTOSes like eCos and uC/OS-II. I even work as an Expert Witness from time to time, in legal proceedings that involve embedded devices and technology. See my resume for information on some of the projects I've worked on lately.


I have a lot of experience adapting and using GNU tools for embedded development. Among my specialties are setting up GNU toolchains, integrating the tools with custom hardware, and producing remote debugging agents that allow you step code and set breakpoints on your own embedded systems.

I port Linux and NetBSD to embedded systems of all kinds. I do toolchain and development environment setups, device drivers, kernel modifications, bootloaders, and root filesystems. I can also provide demonstration and production applications for these environments.

Forensic Analysis / Expert Witness

I am frequently called on to provide detailed technical and forensic analysis of electronic devices, and to offer litigation support and expert witness services in cases where high technology is a concern. My teaching and development experience, and established credibility in the embedded systems field enables me to provide authoritative opinions and testimony in a number of subject areas related to electronic devices. I also review reports produced by opposing experts, and provide overviews of technical topics in language that Courts and Counsel can understand.

I have been qualified as an Expert in several Federal Civil Courts. Send me an email for more information.


In addition to my development services, I offer a collection of formal training materials on using GNU tools for embedded system development. I'm one of the few instructors around who actually uses these tools to make my living, so I have a unique, relevant insight that you won't find anywhere else. I have taught worldwide, and graduates of my classes say that I provide the best, most cost effective way for serious users to get started with GNU.


I am a Contributing Editor for Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, and a presenter and member of the Advisory Panel for the Embedded Systems Conference. I have articles and quotations published in several other magazines as well, which I provide links to when I find them.


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